Makita vs Dewalt : What's the best power tool brand in 2024?

When considering buying new power tools choosing between Makita Power Tools and Dewalt can be challenging for both tradesmen and DIYers. As power tool experts, Bell Tools we wanted to put this article together to discuss the differences between some of our most popular Makita and Dewalt tools.



Comparing Makita and Dewalt Tools


Makita DHP486Z Brushless Combi Drill

Our Opinion: For tasks that demand precision and extended use without fatigue, Makita's DHP486Z is the preferred choice among our customers. Its lightweight design coupled with efficient power management makes it ideal for both new DIYers and seasoned professionals.

Price: £156.00

Dewalt DCD796N Brushless Combi Drill

Our Opinion: If your work often includes drilling into hard materials or you need something that can handle a more rigorous workload, we recommend the Dewalt DCD796N. It's built tough and manages to combine power with precision effectively.

Price: £94.80 


Makita 18V 5.0Ah Battery

Our Opinion: Makita’s 5.0Ah battery is a standout battery choice for reliability. Ideal for long workdays, this battery charges fast and lasts longer, making it a top pick for continuous use.

Price: £216 (3 pack) 

Dewalt 18V 5.0Ah Battery

Our Opinion: For tools that consume more power, the Dewalt 5.0Ah battery provides the endurance required, although it takes a bit longer to charge. It’s perfect for high-consumption tools used in tougher conditions.

Price:  £72.00 

Gardening Tools

Makita DUC101Z 18V Pruning Chainsaw

Our Opinion: For precise cutting in your garden, the Makita DUC101Z is unmatched in handling and agility. It’s especially favoured for its ease of use in trimming and pruning smaller branches.

Price: £166.80 

Makita Twin 18V DLM432Z Lawn Mower (Best Seller) 

Our Opinion: The Makita Twin 18V DLM432Z offers a fantastic balance of power and manoeuvrability, making it perfect for maintaining your lawn with ease. It's particularly popular among those who prefer a cordless option for greater flexibility. This is one of our most popular products in our gardening tools catagory.

Price: £298.80 


Innovation and Technology

At Bell Tools, we appreciate the continuous innovation from both brands. Makita's advancements in battery technology particularly stand out, offering a significant improvement in charge times and longevity.

Ergonomics and Design

Our team consistently notes that Makita tools are preferred for their ergonomic designs, which provide comfort and reduce user fatigue during prolonged use. Dewalt tools, with their robust build, are favoured for more intensive applications.

Pricing, Warranty, and Customer Service

Both brands offer competitive warranties and responsive customer service. Price points for both brands are similar, though Makita often includes longer or more comprehensive warranties, a detail that many of our customers find appealing when making long-term investment decisions in their tools.

Brand History and Market Presence In The UK


Makita Corporation, originally established as an electric motor sales and repair company, has evolved into a pre-eminent global manufacturer of power tools. Founded in 1915 in Nagoya, Japan, Makita initially focused on selling and repairing lighting equipment, motors, and transformers. In 1958, Makita produced its first power tool, a portable electric planer, and by 1962, had expanded into manufacturing electric drills and other power tools.

Makita extended its global reach by opening its first manufacturing facility outside Japan in 1970, in Brazil, aimed at the South American market. This expansion was followed by the establishment of facilities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and China. Today, Makita operates manufacturing plants around the world and is renowned for its high-quality, durable, and reliable power tools, which are favoured by professionals globally for their cutting-edge technology and innovation. Makita has been a pioneer in cordless power tool technology, launching its first nickel-cadmium battery-powered tool in the late 1970s and evolving to the lithium-ion battery technology that is widely used today.


Dewalt’s journey began in 1924 when Raymond E. DeWalt, the inventor of the radial arm saw, established the company in Leola, Pennsylvania. This invention revolutionised woodworking, positioning Dewalt as a key player in the professional-grade power tool market. In 1947, it was rebranded as DeWalt Inc., before being acquired by Black & Decker in 1960. Under Black & Decker, the Dewalt brand was initially marketed as a high-end manufacturer of woodworking tools and machinery.

In the early 1990s, Black & Decker rebranded its professional quality tools under the Dewalt name, launching a line of portable electric power tools and accessories specifically designed for residential contractors, remodelers, and professional woodworkers. This marked Dewalt's foray into the high-speed, high-torque cordless power tool market, significantly shaping its future path. Dewalt has since broadened its product range to include more than 200 electric power tools and over 800 accessories, including its highly-regarded XR line of brushless tools and the innovative FlexVolt system that offers hybrid voltage compatibility for maximum flexibility and performance.

Dewalt continues to expand its market presence with robust new tools that meet the rigorous needs of professionals, whilst also providing extensive service and repair networks to support its products. The histories of both companies demonstrate their commitment to innovation and the development of tools that are both durable and reliable, underpinned by decades of targeted engineering and customer feedback.

We think that both powertool brands, Makita and Dewalt boast significant heritage and have cultivated loyal followings in the UK. At Bell Tools, we recognise that while Makita offers tools that excel in innovation and user-friendliness, Dewalt provides unmatched durability and power, making them favourites for heavy-duty tasks.

Final Thoughts

Your choice between Makita and Dewalt in 2024 largely depends on your specific needs and preferences. If ergonomics and innovation in battery technology are priorities, Makita may be your best choice. For those needing durable, high-performance tools for more rigorous tasks, Dewalt stands out as the potentially better option.

At Bell Tools Gloucester, we stock a wide range of both Makita and Dewalt products. We invite you to visit us online or in-store to explore these options further and choose the best tools for your projects. Whatever your choice, you can count on the Bell Tools team for expert advice and friendly service.

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