What Is The Best Mitre Saws to Buy in 2024?

Mitre saws are indispensable tools for precision cutting in woodworking and DIY projects. Whether you're a professional carpenter or a hobbyist, choosing the right mitre saw can significantly impact your work quality. In this comprehensive buying guide, we'll explore the best mitre saws to buy in 2024, with a focus on our range of Makita mitre saws available at Bell Tools.

Why Choose a Mitre Saw?

Mitre saws offer unparalleled precision and versatility, making them ideal for tasks like framing, moulding, and detailed cuts. These saws are designed to ensure highly accurate cuts, providing the precision that professionals and serious hobbyists demand. They are also versatile, capable of performing various cuts including crosscuts, mitre cuts, bevel cuts, and compound cuts. Ease of use is another significant advantage, with many models featuring user-friendly designs and advanced safety mechanisms. This combination of precision, versatility, and ease of use makes mitre saws an essential tool in any woodworking arsenal.

Different Types of Mitre Saws To Choose From

Understanding the different types of mitre saws is crucial before making a purchase. Each type of saw has unique features and capabilities that suit different kinds of projects. Here are your options.

Standard Mitre Saws

Standard mitre saws are basic models suitable for making simple mitre cuts. They are typically lightweight and affordable, making them an excellent choice for beginners or those who only need to perform basic cuts. These saws are easy to transport and handle, yet they provide the precision necessary for straightforward mitre cuts.

Compound Mitre Saws

Compound mitre saws can make bevel cuts in addition to mitre cuts, which makes them ideal for more complex projects. These saws allow you to make compound cuts in one pass, saving time and increasing accuracy. They are particularly useful for tasks such as cutting crown moulding or any project that requires angled cuts.

Sliding Compound Mitre Saws

Sliding compound mitre saws feature a sliding mechanism that increases their cutting capacity, allowing you to cut larger pieces of wood. This feature is particularly beneficial for professionals who need to cut wider boards. The sliding mechanism, combined with the ability to make compound cuts, makes these saws extremely versatile and efficient.

Dual Compound Mitre Saws

Dual compound mitre saws can tilt in both directions, providing maximum flexibility for making compound cuts. This feature eliminates the need to flip the workpiece, making the cutting process more efficient. Dual compound mitre saws are ideal for intricate woodworking projects that require precision and versatility.

Our Top Makita Mitre Saws To Buy in 2024

Bell Tools offers a variety of Makita mitre saws known for their quality and reliability. Here are some top picks for 2024:

Makita LS0816 216mm Slide Compound Mitre Saw

Priced at £250.80, the Makita LS0816 216mm Slide Compound Mitre Saw is a lightweight and compact model. It features a sliding mechanism that increases the cutting width, making it suitable for various projects. Despite its compact size, this saw offers robust performance and precision. According to Adam, a power tools expert at Bell Tools, "This model is perfect for those who need a balance of portability and cutting power. It's a go-to for many of our customers who work on smaller yet detailed projects."

Makita LS1019L 240V Mitre Saw

At £634.80, the Makita LS1019L 240V Mitre Saw is designed for high precision. It includes a built-in laser marker that ensures accurate cuts every time. The dual sliding mechanism allows for smooth and precise cuts, making this saw a top choice for professionals who require high accuracy. "The LS1019L is a fantastic saw for those who need that extra level of precision," says Adam. "The laser marker is a game-changer for achieving perfect cuts, and the dual sliding mechanism is incredibly smooth. Although as I write this it is currently sold out but we are getting more so make sure to check!"

Makita LS1219L 110V Mitre Saw

The Makita LS1219L 110V Mitre Saw, priced at £790.80, boasts a large cutting capacity and dual sliding rails. It features a soft start mechanism that is ideal for heavy-duty applications, providing the power and precision needed for large projects. This saw is built to handle more demanding tasks, making it a favourite among professional woodworkers.

Makita 18V DLS714NZ Slide Compound Mitre Saw Body

For £598.80, the Makita 18V DLS714NZ Slide Compound Mitre Saw Body offers cordless convenience powered by an 18V battery. This saw provides portability and flexibility, making it ideal for on-site work where access to power outlets may be limited, "The DLS714NZ is perfect for those who need to move around a lot. Its cordless nature doesn't compromise on power or precision, which is quite impressive."

How to Choose the Best Mitre Saw For You - Things You Should Consider

Proper Application

The primary use of the mitre saw should guide your choice. For tasks that involve angled cuts such as framing and trim work, a standard mitre saw might suffice. However, for compound angle cuts needed in crown moulding or more complex projects, a compound mitre saw would be more suitable. If your projects often involve cutting wider boards and planks, a sliding compound mitre saw would be the best choice. For those who require a versatile tool for various tasks, a dual compound mitre saw offers the most flexibility.


The size of the mitre saw is another critical consideration. An 8” (210mm) saw is ideal for small, portable tasks, making it easy to transport and handle. A 10” (255mm) saw offers versatility for most projects, balancing portability and cutting capacity. For larger, professional tasks, a 12” (305mm) saw provides the maximum cutting capacity needed for heavy-duty work.

Features Of The Mitre Saw

When selecting a mitre saw, consider features that enhance functionality. Decide between corded and cordless models based on your power requirements and need for portability. Ensure the saw has sufficient motor power for your tasks, and look for safety features such as electric brakes, blade guards, and dust collection systems. Guidance systems like laser guides and LED indicators can significantly improve cutting precision.


For those who frequently move between job sites, the portability of the mitre saw is a key factor. Lightweight or cordless models are easier to transport and can be used in locations without access to power outlets.

Safety Features

Safety should always be a top priority when selecting a mitre saw. Look for models with robust safety features such as blade guards, electric brakes, and secure locking mechanisms. These features can prevent accidents and ensure safe operation.

Additional Considerations

To ensure you get the best mitre saw for your needs, consider these additional factors:

The Cutting Capacity

Check the saw's maximum cutting capacity at different angles to ensure it meets your project requirements. A saw with a larger cutting capacity allows you to handle a wider range of projects, making it more versatile.

The Bevel Capacity

If your projects require bevel cuts, ensure the saw has the necessary bevel capacity, which is often expressed in degrees. A higher bevel capacity allows for more versatile cutting options, making it easier to achieve the desired angles.

Dust Collection

A built-in dust collection system helps keep your workspace clean and safe by minimising the amount of sawdust in the air. This feature is particularly important for indoor workspaces where dust can quickly accumulate.

Brand and Sales Warranty

Trusted brands like Makita and DeWalt offer reliability and quality. Investing in a reputable brand ensures you get a durable and well-made tool. Additionally, longer warranties provide peace of mind, protecting your investment in case of any defects or issues.

Check Product Reviews

Reading user reviews can provide valuable insights into the saw's performance and durability. Customers often highlight the ease of use, precision, and any potential drawbacks. These reviews can help you make an informed decision and choose a saw that meets your expectations.

Maintenance Tips For Your New Mitre Saw

Proper maintenance ensures the longevity and performance of your mitre saw. Regular cleaning to remove sawdust and debris is essential. Check the blade sharpness frequently and replace or sharpen blades as needed. Inspect parts regularly and replace any worn components. Lubricate moving parts, such as sliding rails, to keep the saw operating smoothly.

Our Final Thoughts At Bell Tools

Buying the right mitre saw can elevate the quality and ease of your projects. Makita mitre saws from Bell Tools offer top-notch quality and features to meet diverse needs. Use this guide to make an informed decision on the best Mitre saw for you to purchase in 2024. If you are still not 100 percent sure on which one is right or need a hand then call our team or pop into our Tool Shop in Gloucester. We are always happy to help.

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