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5PC US1025BF 200MM Reciprocating Saw Blade For Metal

5PC US1025BF 200MM Reciprocating Saw Blade For Metal

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US1025BF BIM is a flexible, long life reciprocating saw blade and has been optimised for fast cuts in metal.

Made from high quality M2 BIM (Bi-Metal 6150) which ensures a longer lifetime and a higher performance when cutting regular steel. Blades made this way are more durable and outperform conventional HCS (high carbon steel) blades.

The 14TPI teeth profile and tooth pitch (1.8 mm) is designed for cutting sheet metal, pipes and profiles with a thickness of between 2 mm to 8 mm.

• Sheet Metal between 2.0 - 8.0mm
• Pipes and Profiles < 150mm

• Material: BIM (Bi-Metal 6150 + M2)
• Tooth Pitch: 1.8mm
• Teeth Per Inch: 14
• Length: 200mm
• Width: 19mm
• Thickness: 1.25mm
• Shank: 1/2" Universal Shank
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