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A versatile acrylic based premium grade filler and caulk, FC1 is designed specifically for professional users and utilises scientific advancements in elastomer technology.

Surfaces must be clean and free from loose material, standing water or contaminants which may otherwise impair the bond. FC1 Filler & Caulk should not be applied in temperatures below 5 degrees C, or in areas of constant water immersion.

Non-porous surfaces such as aluminium should be cleaned with a suitable product.

Apply FC1 Filler & Caulk firmly into the joint using an application gun:

• Cut the cartridge at the nose above the tread.

• Crew on the nozzle

• Cut off the nozzle to the desired dimensions

• Slot the cartridge into the application gun and pull the trigger to express product

• Ensure a good solid fill is achieved

Once applied, FC1 Filler & Caulk can be tooled to required finish.

Sanding is not required.

Surrounding surfaces and tools can be cleaned with water.

For application where some movement will be exhibited i.e. larger construction joints, the minimum joint dimensions should be 6mm x 6mm with the maximum dimensions being 25mm wide by 12mm deep.

Depending on application, FC1 Filler & Caulk can be easily painted over with waterborne paints in as little as one hour - and with solvent paints once it is fully cured.

EN ISO 11600

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